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Electric Seed Blower

Product           Model:CFY-II

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:PASS ISO 9001 1.mainly used for cleaning of grain/seed samples by accurately controlling the air flow 2.wood grained cabinet

About Products

Name: Seed Blower

Model: CFY-II


Working principle:

Classify samples according to aerodynamic behavior (floating speed) of particulates in air stream



1. Metal shell, strong vibration resistance

2. Beautiful shape, small noise, reliable operation, good safety.

3. Wind speed is adjustable according to granule size

4. Can achieve the best effect, and can be timed.

Technical parameters:

Max air volume: 3.8m3/min

Max wind pressure: 1300 pa

Noise: 50db

Timing: 0-10min

Power: 180W, 220V 50HZ