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Vertical Seed neatness Workbench

Product           Model:TJD-900

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:PASS ISO 9001 certificaiton Test seed ,Easy to operate. Size :940*330CM

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Name: Seed Neatness Workbench

Model: TJD-900


Both sides of the work table adopts slope design according to the human body engineering principle, the operation is comfortable and labor-saving.

Removable drawer is under the instrument to store well-chosen seeds.

Extended edge is designed on the left, right and back side of workbench to avoid seedsĄŻ lateral leakage.

Glass surface can be drawled out to replace tube easily.

The original seeds-fall holes are advantageous to take out the chosen seeds.

Wooden structure, ultra thin observation platform, provided with desktop illumination magnifying glass.

Standard configuration contains 2 different chromaticity glasses with wide applicability.


Technical parameters:

Magnification: 0-7 times

Surface size: 360 * 330cm

Table base size: 940 * 330cm

Luminous panel size: 300 * 270cm