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Vertical Seed neatness Workbench

Product           Model:TJD-1300

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:PASS ISO9001 Test seed ,Easy to operate. Size :130cm * 65cm Fitting : Manual counter

About Products

Name:Lab Workbench




1. Made of steel and wood, laminate surface

2. Super-thin light panel, soft and even white light 

3.The polarized light against dazzling transmission observes the platform, electrically operated adjustable dark field 4.Transmission illumination function(The polarized light equipment can filter the background photo source completely the disturbance, may to the seed, the seedling, the plant leaf blade, the colony and so on careful observation examination, and is suitable in photographs the high grade picture)

5. Large diameter live arm type illumination magnifying glass.


Technical parameters:

Magnification: 0-7 times

Surface Size: 130cm * 65cm

Luminescent screen size: 65cm * 45cm

Polarized light platform: 16cm

Accessory: Manual counter, grain-counting board