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Digital Leaf Area Meter

Product           Model:YMJ-C

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:ISO9001 can test all kinds of leaf with different shape, color, thickness, moisture. test speed is very fast, within 1 second.

About Products


1. Can test leaf area of any irregular shape, color, thickness, and moisture content

2. With fast measuring speed, the time interval is less than 1s.

3. Datum can be stored to the instrument and can be also upload to computers.

4. With strong expandability can add wireless communication interface and GPS positioning interface


Technical parameters:

Measuring range of single leaf area: 63800 mm²

Leaf length: 0-290mm

Max width: 0-220mm

Resolution: 0.1mm

Accuracy: 2%

Test time: 1s

Stored datum: 2000 groups

Size: 245*350*35(mm)

Displayer: touch screen

Linearity error: <0.2% of measured value 1 word

Temperature characteristics: <0.08%/C  of measured value 1 word

Stability: <2% within a year

Response time: 1s

Working temperature: -30-80C

Relative humidity: 0-100%(non-condensing)