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Soil Compaction Meter

Product           Model:TJSD-750/ TJSD-750-II

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:ISO 9001 1.Test soil compaction 2.Big LCD displayer 3.Stainless steel measuring rods

About Products

Can test the outdoor soil compaction.
Compacted soil can stop the water infiltrating, reduce the use ratio of fertilizer, effect the growth of plant. Finally it will reduce the production. It is very important to get the compaction data of soil, which will do good to agriculture production guidance.
Technical parameter:
1.Measuring  depth: 0-450mm
2.Measuring range: 0-100kg; 0-7000kpa(0-1000psi)
3 .Measuring accuracy:0.05kg
4. Storage amount: 1000groups
5.Working temperature:-10ˇăC-60ˇăC
6.Power:  4AA batteries
Model Difference:

Function difference
General type, display soil compaction directly, with data saving function
Not only can test soil compaction, but also can save the sampler data, RS232 connection which can connected with computer, with saving, printing function, with GPS orientation system, can show the longitude and latitude of the testing area.