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Soil Compaction Meter

Product           Model:TJSD-750-III/TJSD-750-IV

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:In 2010,we began to promote the listed Soil Compaction Meter£®Model TJSD-750-III°ĘTJSD-750-IV£© with built-in GRS positioning and depth measurement system, which can show soil compaction, measure depth and location, and increase production and reduce the cost simultaneously by using Soil Compaction Meter.

About Soil Compaction Meter

Soil Compaction Meter technical parameters:

Test depth: 0-375mm

Max load: 10000Kpa

Resolution: 0.1Kpa

Accuracy: °ņ1%

Working temperature: -10°„C°™60°„C

Output interface: Rs232

Power: chargeable battery, charger (charge voltage: 100V-240V)

Shape dimension: 140mm*750mm

Soil Compaction Meter function:

Can directly show soil compaction (kg and kpa), and can store each measurement sample data to the host at any time , can reflect parameters of the degree of soil compaction , built-in GPS positioning and depth measurement system, can simultaneously display soil compaction, measuring depth and geographical location (latitude and longitude)

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