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Soil water potential meter

Product           Model:TRS-I/TRS-II

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Soil water potential meter can position detecting in the field and observe of soil water potential. It also can further obtain the soil moisture, hydraulic conductivity and soil water characteristic parameters. We can choose the soil water potential measurement of soil water potential upgrades TRS-II detector if you need to determine the soil water potential and soil temperature.

About Soil water potential meter

Soil water potential meter characteristic:

1. High accuracy and high resolution can test soil temperature and water  potential  at the same time.
2. Easy to operate, portable, flexible, can purchase one set with multi-probes.
3. Automatically get the peak data of water potential
4. with time set , full scale set  auto save  function
5. Record temperature, water potential, time and storage  No at the same time
6. Automatically turns off function

Technical parameter:

Max load: 100kpa
Resolution: 0.01kpa
Accuracy: 1
Soil Temperature testing range: --55C~150C
Temperature accuracy: 0.5
Probe quantities: 3

Model difference:


Function difference


Can only test one indexsoil water potential meter


Can test both soil water potential index and soil temperature index