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Soil Salt tester

Product           Model:TZS-EC-I

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:PASS ISO9001 1.LCD displayer, easy to operate 2.Test soil salt and record data automatically 3.Save 120000 groups datu

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Smart and portable, easy to operate

Automatically temperature compensate

Can push in the soil directly and data automatically record the data

Both AC and DC available

With powerful data storage function, can store up to 120000 groups of datum


Technical parameters:

Test range: 0.00-19.99 ms/cm

Temperature range: -5-50C 

Temperature accuracy: 0.5C

Working temperature: 0-50C

Testing accuracy: EC 2 % full scale

Resolution: 0.01ms/cm

Temperature compensation: 0-50C

Power: 5pcs AA battery, power source adapter