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Soil PH moisture meter

Product           Model:SDT-60/SDT-300

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Soil pH is the one of the important basic properties in soil forming process. It is an indicator of soil formation process and the aging fertility. We Zhejiang Top Instrument Co., Ltd. Produce the SDT-60 and SDT-300 models of soil acidity. Both of them are instruments for measuring soil acidity.

About Soil PH moisture meter

Name:Soil PH moisture meter



The soil PH is an important factor to limits the crops production and the quality .This instrumentation is simple and convenient, can directly insert the soil. 

Technical parameters:

PH range: 3-8 PH                PH accuracy: 0.2PH

Moisture range: 1-8%             Moisture accuracy: 1%

Model difference:


Function difference


Test depth: 6cm, suitable in the surface acidic test


Test depth: 30cm, suitable in the depth soil acidic test