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Gradient Thermal Cycler (PCR Instrument)

Product           Model:K960

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:The product adopt the most advance semiconductor technology(Peltier-based) and imported core parts,to ensure that the amplification velocity,analysis result and system reliable.

About Products

¡ôThe most advanced semiconductor technology(Peltier-based).
¡ôConvenient and flexible module replacement mode.
¡ôLarge size and super-high-definition LCD screen
¡ôIntuitive,friendly user interface makes programming quick and simple.
¡ôWith memory function in case of power-down.
¡ôLow noise,low energy consumption,long application life.
¡ôSolemn,elegant appearance,innovative modeling.
¡ô Unique rotating stall heat-regulating function.
¡ô Optimal design of the human body,makes operators more convenient.
¡ô Lid can be arbitrary angle positioning . 
¡ôHandle-module, module replacement more secure and convenient.
1£®  Model£ºK960
2£® Capacity£º96¡Á0.2ml,54¡Á0.5ml,384well, 96¡Á0.2ml+77¡Á0.5ml
3£® Temp range£º0¡æ ~99¡æ (RT¡Ü30¡æ)
4£® Heating rate£º¡Ý4.0¡æ /s
5£® Cooling rate£º¡Ý3.5¡æ /s
6£® Uniformity£º¡Ü¡À0.4¡æ (95¡æ), ¡Ü¡À0.2¡æ (20¡æ ~75¡æ)
7£® Accuracy£º¡Ü¡À0.2¡æ       
8£® Gradient temp range£º30~99¡æ
9£® Gradient spread£º30¡æ
10. Heated lid temp£º20~115¡æ
11.  Temp control£ºblock, tube, calculated
12£®Stored program no.£º200
13£® Max.No.of Cycle£º99
14£® Graphical representation£º5.7inch, 320¡Á240pels LCM
15£® Communication£ºRS232
16£® Size£º380mm(L) ¡Á 270mm(W) ¡Á250mm(H)
17£® Net Weight£º7.2kg