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viscometer/grain viscometer

Product           Model:LN

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:The viscometer performance indicators conform to the national metrological verification regulations requirements. Grain viscometer must conduct periodic verification in use. It must be checked when the instrument used frequently or in a qualified critical state, to make sure the viscometer metrological performance good, and minimize the deviation!

About viscometer/grain viscometer

Viscometer/grain viscometer model:

Have one gelatinization device
Have two gelatinization device
1.Two viscometer/grain viscometer testing results admissible error

Average viscidity (mm2/s)
Admissible error mm2/s
less than 0.3
less than 0.2
less than 0.5
less than 0.8
more than 10.1
less than 1.0

2. Gelatinization oven
2.1 Working volt:220V, plus and minus 10% 50Hz
2.2 Size:200W 500ml
2.3 Constant temperature bath barrel
2.4 Heating pipe:1kw
2.5 Temperature:50 plus and minus 0.1 centigrade degrees
2.7 Capillary tube viscosimeter:Have four specifications,meet different requirements.
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