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Whiteness Tester/Whiteness Meter/Brightness Tester

Product           Model:WSB-IV

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Whiteness Tester is used for the measurement of the surface blue light whiteness and is a professional instrument to control the whiteness of the surface of the product. Its Easy to operate and with high accuracy. Brightness Tester applies to departments such as food, chemicals, ceramics, printing and dyeing for testing products whiteness.

About Whiteness Tester/Whiteness Meter/Brightness Tester

Name:Whiteness Tester/Whiteness Meter/Brightness Tester

Model: WSB-IV

Whiteness Tester/Whiteness Meter/Brightness Tester function:

Intelligent white tester use light measuring integral ball realization absolute spectrum diffuse reflection rate test. Its photoelectricity principle is sends out the light by the halogen tungsten lamp, enter filters the color piece and condensing lens compose the blue purple light. Enters the integral ball light after the integral ball endophragm diffuse reflection. Shines in on the test mouth test specimen, by the test specimen reflection light by the silicon photoelectric generator receive, transforms the electrical signal. And some group silicon photoelectric generator receive ball in vivo basis signal, two groups electrical signals separately enlarge, mix processing, obtains the determination result.

Whiteness Tester/Whiteness Meter/Brightness Tester technical specification:

1. Diffuse illumination and vertical sounding method(d/o), simulation D65 illuminant use d/o illuminating viewing and geometrical condition. Globe of diffusion diameter is 120.Measuring hole diapmeter is 20 mm.Have light adsorber ,can eliminate reflected ray of sample mirror face.
2. Repeatability: less than 0.1
3. Indicating value drift: less than 0.1
4. zero point: less than 0.1
5. Indicating value error: less than 0.5
6. Output form:3 and half digital display.Have print function.(One model have no print function)
7.Working temperature: 0-40 centigrade degrees   
Relative humidity: less than 80%RH
8.Power resources: AC(220+22)V 50Hz
9.Size: 220*295*375mm 
   Weight:10 kg

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