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How distinguish vitality of the Corn seed?

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The appearance of the visual method: corn seed embryo shape and color with the naked eye. The kinds of embryo bulge or shrinkage, significant dark dull the seed fresh, living and strong, can be used for the production of species.

Soaking method: first 100 seed imbibition flooding for about two hours, put in moist toilet paper, covered with moist toilet paper, placed in oxygen at room temperature for 10 ~ 20 íŠ environment, so that the seeds to germinate fully. Then germinate seed grains divided by 100, multiplied by 100% to obtain the germination rate. This determination method is accurate, but eight days time.

Plus 19 samples of tap water paired dye staining of the red ink: a commercially available red ink; random sample of 100 maize seeds, soaked in water for two hours, let imbibed; tweezers imbibed embryo, milk embryo a peel; treated seeds evenly placed in the incubator, injected dye in order to drown the seeds for the degree of staining after 15 to 20 minutes, pour out the dye, repeatedly washed with tap water and seeds. The death of the embryo, the endosperm showing crimson live embryo does not stain or slightly light red, to judge the number of viable seeds, and this divided by 100, multiplied by 100% compared with the germination rate.