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Teamwork cooperation

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Heartwarming activity:
The team has prepared dumplings for the whole employees before the Spring Festival.
Environment protection activity:
Three teams took responsibility of their own area, the assignment was to weed the grass, the managers, directors and the boss all took participate in this activity. Look, they were satisfied with their fruit of labor.
The basketball competition:
They were competing, they were fighting with each other for a basketball, our company owns a big young team, symbolizing energy and potential. The teacher Wu aimed to let them know in the society which is full of competition, advancing bravely is the most important key to success.
Blind person activity:
In the job, we should learn to feel, to be others¡¯ silent partner
We paid more, so we gained more.
When the training brings the modern management knowledge and technology, it also can brings followed value added: 1. it will combine current situation of company and course content. 2.unify the management concept of middle and senior management personnel, build management communication platform, improve company management effectiveness. 3. strengthen cohesion of managers and absorb more and more talents, improve the whole management level.
The aim to hold training courses is improve the employees¡¯ knowledge, technology, working methods, working attitude and working value, so everybody can develop max potential and improve the performance of personal or organization in order to push the company forward.