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Management Science Training Highlights

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Top Instrument Co, Ltd. developed rapidly in 2011, the development resulted from the combination of staff¡¯s professional knowledge, service skill and the improvement of career accomplishment. The leaders paid more attention to training for the whole improvement.

Since the establishment of the company, we all along hold the viewpoint ¡°Establish a learning company, Foster learning-oriented cadres, Foster learning-oriented employees¡±, focus on connotation management and quality improvement.
2011, we especially invited Zhe Jiang University Management college postdoctor teacher Wu to give the employees management science training once every two weeks, the contents were mainly divided to four parts. The first and second part mainly introduced the company organization and position responsibilities, teacher Wu gave lecture including company basic concept, organization design, organization structure, position responsibilities and make the idea ¡°influence of organization design¡± understood. The part three¡ª¡°do my best¡±, he showed some videos which described some stories that can not be finished, it aimed to let the trainees know success is not the famous, but ours, just do our best, ¡°pay more, gain more¡±. Part four was summarized as¡°7S¡± SITE out and got a good effect.