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Shenzhou VIII Spacecraft bring various seeds back,TOP products will meet new markets

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Shenzhou VIII Spacecraft brought 244 kinds crop seeds back on 23th, Nov. They had experienced 17 days¡¯ space ¡°tourism¡±, the GanSu Space Breeding Engineering Technology Research Center will increase the strength of breeding, and mix the former seeds, begin to breed and pair, for this action, it aims to raise a quantity of high yield, fine quality, highly resistance£¬extensive trial crop varieties, so, GanSu Space Breeding Engineering Center choose our company¡¯s ¡°Intelligent Low Temperature-Humidity Seed Cabinet¡± to save 500 pieces seeds in TianGong No.1, ShenZhou No.8,No.9,No10. It had breed 50-100 new kinds of space crop seeds.
The crop seed needs to be saved for a long time before it was sowed after it was harvested, during the saving time, the seed seems to be in dormancy, but in fact, it does not stop life action. During this time, the seed will experience deterioration which is irreversible. And the end of deterioration results in speeds vitality, low germination rate, low seed growth trend and plant production performance. Our company¡¯s ¡°Intelligent Low Temperature-Humidity Seed Cabinet¡± applies automatic microcomputer to control temperature, humidity, time in cabinet, it can keep low temperature and humidity in the cabinet, and the control system is equipped with defrosting, delay, over temperature alarm, automatic dehumidification, time difference correcting, ultraviolet sterilization function.
The ¡°Intelligent Low Temperature-Humidity Seed Cabinet¡± brought the seeds in ShenZhou No.8 back, which is proud to us, and we trust we must move forward within advantages of enterprise & university¡¯s scientific research.