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Error analysis of grain moisture meter

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Grain moisture meter, generally related to the issue of moisture detection error is mainly reflected in two aspects of the accuracy and repeatability. What difference does it make between them?

Accuracy error: the State Grain fuel water testing standards moisture analyzer made a clearly defined, qualified and oven comparison error is less than 0.5% moisture analyzer, which requires the instrument test sample water and moisture deviation not more than 0.5, and this is the accuracy of the error.

Repeatability error: grain and oil testing standards oven at the same time had a rule, double test results allow the difference does not exceed 0.2%, the average results, as the measurement results. Measurement results after the decimal point. Two sample moisture of values​is simple to understand subtraction can not be more than 0.2% moisture analyzer repeatability error is the same value of the sample test twice the subtraction is the repeatability error.

In a nutshell, the accuracy of the error and the actual sample moisture compared repeatability error is moisture meter testing repeatability comparison. To take into account the time of purchase in the grain moisture meter accuracy error and repeatability error, good grain moisture meter not only be able to detect accurately, but also it has good reproducibility.