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Food safety testing should be brought forward to the production source

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China's food safety testing should be on the end product quality and safety testing, pushing the field tests prior to production source, build in line with China's national conditions of that quickly seized screening with laboratory instruments analytical conclusive evidence detection mode. April 19, on food safety rapid detection technology, professor-level senior engineer of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Instrument Society agricultural instrument Branch and Inspection and Quarantine instrument branch vice president Shiqiang Jiang, which is to solve food safety problems in China must the implementation of an important change.

Shiqiang Jiang engaged in agriculture, biotechnology, inspection and quarantine, and environmental testing of scientific instruments and testing technology on more than 30 years, the last decade focused on food and agricultural security system and testing technology, the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine departments consultants. In this forum, Jiang Shiqiang entitled "rapid detection of food safety in China's special needs and mainstream technology progress" speech.

Shiqiang Jiang, China's agricultural products, food production and supply channels, a large number of small and scattered. At present, Chinese agricultural instruments manufacturers develop the analytical laboratory instruments, sample pre-treatment takes a long time, the high cost of testing instruments and reagents, the operation is more complex, lower flux. Therefore, the source from the production of comprehensive, timely monitoring of food safety, the development of fast, convenient on-site detection and screening techniques, has a special significance. But he also stressed, quickly seized technology must be combined with the detection of the laboratory analytical instruments. Quickly seized the results of positive samples must be confirmed laboratory standard testing methods; quickly seized negative products, but also by the proportional sampling detected with standard testing methods;, quickly seized method needs to compare with the standard method . Jiang Shiqiang, the only way, the source of the snapshot analytical conclusive evidence of screening and laboratory instruments combined detection mode is perfect.

Used for rapid screening of Rapid Testing Technology and Instruments, a lot, but not much developed. Chinese enterprises in recent years made great strides in this area already, some of them have to realize industrialization, and some are being developed, and some need to further improve and expand. Jiang Shiqiang, food safety rapid detection technology, the device is a mature technology, equipment and new methods, new technology integration and derivative and development on its basis. In the future there will be more new technologies, new methods, new processes, new materials continue to emerge, greatly improving existing Snapshot technology and equipment.

Domestic food safety testing equipment manufacturers will benefit from

In recent years, the disabled, abuse and environmental pollution due to pesticides, veterinary drugs and other acute food poisoning caused by a common occurrence, the factors that affect the quality and safety of food growing projects and requirements need to detect more and more higher, especially some of the new pollution sources the continual emergence of a higher requirement of detection techniques and instruments. Many accomplished large-scale testing organizations in the field of food testing to make a difference, a lot of scientific equipment suppliers look for the development trend, eager to seize this market, food safety inspection and testing techniques and instruments become hot.