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Laboratory Incubators Safety Tips

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The following general safety precautions must be taken in laboratory incubators work. We do not take these safety measures or non-compliance with the instructions described elsewhere warning would be contrary to the incubator design, manufacture and use of safety standards.

1. The laboratory incubators after landing, such as uneven ground should be leveled.
2. In order to ensure personal safety, the power outlet ground connected to the earth.
3. The normal operation of the incubator, the placing of the box loading should not affect the air circulation to ensure uniform temperature and humidity inside the box.
4. The incubator should be placed in a cool, dry, well ventilated place, away from heat and light. Stable place to prevent vibration noise.
5. The surface and the inner wall of the incubator to regular cleaning to maintain cleanliness.
6. The incubator is not being used for a long period, unplug the power cord to prevent incubator charged wounding, it is necessary to run 1 to 2 days according to the conditions of use on a regular basis in order to avoid some of the aging of the device is damaged.
7. We do the low temperature test below 10íŠ, the ambient temperature should not be too high, the box temperature inside and outside the temperature difference should not be greater than 20íŠ, in order to ensure the the light incubator normal work.
8. Incubators such as failure, should be professionals or plant maintenance to solve.