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The shortage of instrument manufacturer staff

The time of issue:2013-04-26 13:57:59 view number:

Number of instrument manufacturing talent gap with foreign countries significantly, especially high-end talent shortage has become hinder the bottleneck of industrial development.

In fact, scientific instruments business high-end talent is very small, the gap will exceed 30%.

In addition to the shortage of high-end talent, comprehensive applied talents, a serious brain drain problem, solved the contents of the scientific instruments industry in China "talent proposition.

Chinese scientific instruments and agricultural instruments industry professionals urgent need to adopt their own culture and social culture combined way to solve the problem of personnel in an emergency. For example, optics, electronics, machinery, precision instruments and other hardware R & D personnel need at least 5 years working experience in order to meet the requirements, the reality is precision instruments faculties of Universities in reduced while graduates are more inclined into government departments, financial institutions.

With the deepening of domestic openness and market competition, the domestic manufacturers will continue to shift to the direction of high-end products and services, international competitiveness is expected to continue to improve. These are the future talent education, training, the introduction of higher demands.

The future development of the domestic scientific instruments thorns over the road, but the broad outline of the work lies in talent, the talent is the most urgent problems.