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Scientific instruments lack technology

The time of issue:2013-04-25 10:40:08 view number:

At present, China's scientific instruments enterprise research funding is a serious shortage, accounting for annual sales of less than 3%, the world-famous multinational R & D investment accounted for annual sales of more than 10%.

On the one hand, it is the lack of investment in research and development, on the other hand, some good technical results of market efficiency is not obvious. The bottleneck in the development of many instruments manufacturing enterprises are facing not only to survive but also innovative, often choose the quick success of the mode of development in order to survive. Domestic enterprises should avoid weaknesses, complement each other, co-existence and common development, many companies want to have everything, can do any, which is unrealistic.

A lot of the domestic scientific instruments research, China agricultural instruments exporters provide the instruments to research, especially in methodological studies compared with foreign countries is not weak, but how the results into real products, there are still bottlenecks.

Achievements into difficult ills of Chinese science and technology, which of course, institutional issues, but also the inertia of thinking and the researchers are not unrelated. The experts said that the R & D tend to go, followed by foreign R & D trends on the domestic many new methods may not understand, or can not capture this information, do not know some methods can also be converted to apply and get very good results.