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Instrument buyers meet supply and demand

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April 19, 2013, the industry's highest level of scientific instruments Summit - "2013 China Science Instrument Development Annual Meeting (ACCSI 2013)" held in Beijing. During instrument "buyers meet supply and demand" as one of the important activities of the Annual Meeting was successfully held on behalf of more than 40 instruments buyers, representatives of equipment suppliers, the senior instrument users as well as the China Instrument Society of Analytical Instruments Chapter leadership parameters.

The supply and demand meet aims to establish mutual exchange of the instrument between a link, so that buyers have a more comprehensive understanding of the selection, procurement.

The one of the highlights of the meet supply and demand for the buyer's intent to purchase, directed to invite quality brand suppliers scene to explain their products and technologies, as well as industry-leading instrumentation experts and has extensive experience in procurement of laboratory responsible for the interpretation of the instrument performance indicators, public instrument performance evaluation results, share experience and guidance instrument Selection of equipment procurement, these are the the instrumental intent to purchase, buyers need to understand, both supply and demand of the instrument which is from agricultural instruments supplier and others to build a good platform. Similar meetings in the industry is still rare.

At the meeting, we learned from the development of scientific instruments at the annual meeting of the organizing committee to ensure that the exchange effect, buyers representatives participating in the meeting need to go through screening, their units recently with intent to purchase, in the selection, collect product information stage Furthermore should also be involved in the instrument procurement laboratory responsible person, the person in charge of the procurement or technical staff.

At the meeting, well versed in the technology and application of mass spectrometry, have different brand mass spectrometer using the experience of China Pharmaceutical University Professor SHENG Long-sheng, gave a keynote of the mass spectrometer performance indicators report, detailed resolution, accuracy, sensitivity, and other indicators of meaning . Mass spectrometry technology has developed rapidly, many types, different performance, Professor SHENG Long-sheng Detailed the mass spectrometer choose essentials, and to highlight the basic principles of instrument selection is based on the actual need, not one-sided pursuit of performance indicators, it should be noted that the instrument is combination.