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The appearance of repeat purchase equipment is serious

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Eighteen proposed change National Research Institutes for the government-run research institutions. This may be a signal of National Research Institutes to government establishment, go to the bureaucratic, this line of thinking is undoubtedly correct. But to run the National Research Institutes, which is perhaps not the most urgent problem to be solved. The most urgent problem to be solved is: National Research Institutes of resource allocation must be thoroughly reform.

Large equipment such from agricultural instruments manufacturers purchase usually there are a number of specialized government departments to accept the application and approval handling. As long as they can convince them to expensive and sophisticated equipment will be purchased. These approval emphasis on the need to buy the instrument, but not concerned about the operation and maintenance of the equipment, not to mention efficiency. This leads to a large number of repeat purchase. Gene sequence analyzer, for example, currently the second-generation sequencing instruments have many units. But the sequencing is a highly specialized and group work, many instruments since after the purchase does not boot, many units of the machine operation rate is very low. This phenomenon to the dealer where statistics about specific reagent consumption can know.

The high-end device approval process, the government also faces one of the biggest problem is time efficiency. Usually the first approval, imports of certain vehicles indicators, and then go through the details of the evaluation, the fastest cycle of about a year and a half. Gene sequencing instrument, for example, the most advanced equipment in the United States in about 2 years exported in large quantities by our indicators approval, budget approval, procurement approval and place installation and commissioning of the world's most advanced biological instruments are usually 3-4 years in the country. The cruel reality is, new vicinity of replacement equipment out or upgrading has begun every 4-5 years (at least in the field of genome sequencing so). That in turn lead to a new round of repeat purchase.