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Leaders present to guidance in Top instrument

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On the morning of March 4, 2013, the Deputy Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission Hao Zhiyi, deputy director, Zhaohong Wei Deputy Director of, Guojun Lai, deputy researcher District, Development and Reform Commission Vice Ren came Zhejiang Top Instrument Co., Ltd., inspection guidance. The TOP instrument Yuyang Chen which is general manager of the arrival of the leaders welcome all the leaders.

First, the general manager Yuyang Chen in the conference room to all the leaders to introduce Top course of development and future prospects. The Top instrument is a collection Branch, engineering, trade and an integrated high-tech enterprise, its core competence lies in the TOP R & D center of the instrument. TOP R & D center was established at the beginning, and the major institutions working closely to mainly research cooperation, supplemented by independent research and development. With the development of the company, the company increased R & D investment, R & D team is constantly expanding, continuously enhance the research and development of technology, and gradually achieve independent research-based Cooperative supplemented shift, and was named "Hangzhou High-tech R & D enterprise" and "national high-tech enterprises" in 2011 to 2012. Currently, the company independent research and development of products there are seven categories of more than one hundred kinds of products, it can basically meet the needs of the general unit of agricultural equipment.

For the Top's R & D focus mainly focused on two aspects, a plant protection instrumentation, plant protection instrumentation Although there are a lot of companies are doing, but similar functions, no bright spots in the technical aspects. Torp instrument since last year, began the development of the plant protection instrument, have continued to explore how to make a breakthrough in this regard, crop protection instrument information, digitization. Another priority is agriculture of Things. The agriculture of Things is one important indicator of the development of modern agriculture. To policy efforts to support this project, the Second Torp only way of achieving the goal: to establish agricultural technology industrial park, to do a master of Chinese agricultural instruments.

After listening to President Chen's introduction, the leadership of the municipal economic commission said Torp is a very unique company, Top's positioning is very accurate, very clear ideas. The Stoop can clearly starting to understand the difference between own and foreign instruments industry, out of a road with its own characteristics, and this is very laudable. The current policy of the country is very supportive of the industry, which also give great encouragement Torp is climbing stage. Internet of things is that they are more important Torp able to find an entry point to their individual instruments connect through the Internet of Things, penetrated into the Internet of Things, and the industry to take root, do a good job, do through. The leadership of the municipal economic commission also encouraged Torp, to seize the opportunity to market, at the right time, must be given the help and care for promising and dynamic company.

Finally, under the leadership of President Chen, the City Commission by letter of the leadership of his party visited the Top sample chamber carefully understand Top series products.