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Our general manager won the "2012 Annual Ecological Technology Contribution Award"

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Global Green Think Tank Summit, convened by the International Association of Green Economy cum IGEA2013 was hold successfully in Beijing, China Hall of Science and Technology, 18-19 January 2013.

The theme of the conference is: as transformation and development - the age of green economics think tank and corporate. Transformation and development, it has become the current theme of the global economy, green economy era, think tanks and the value of play. The new round of growth will be what kind of opportunities and bottlenecks. The current "Global Green Think Tank Summit" will focus on "think tanks and corporate value play" in the context of the green economy with the construction of the competitiveness of enterprises. Think tank solutions for specific aspects of the technology, market, capital and policy applications in the industry, industrial mode collision, promote green industry development system solutions, to create the industrial green development cluster competitiveness effects.

Yuyang Chen who is the general manager of Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co., Ltd.. He was invited to attend the meeting, and won the annual Ecological Technology issued by the International Association of Green Economy "IGEA-2012 Contribution Award" This award was presented by the International Green Economy Association 2012 Annual China Green Economy, Trade and Industry the time inventory elected obtained.

Top instrument applications in agricultural research and development of the instrument, it has 10 years of professional foundation and rich and mature market application experience. The Top instrument has agrometeorological class number of patented technologies for soil class, seeds, crop quality, fruit quality, plant protection products used at home and abroad the field of agriculture, forestry, garden. Today, land pollution and degradation is very serious, continuous depletion of water resources, pollution is a growing problem. Increasing water demand has been increasing pollution, water conservancy facilities are very weak. The Top instrument focus on R & D and production efficient ecological soil nutrient instruments and soil moisture instrument. The soil nutrient speed measuring device, increase fertilizer use efficiency, reduce carbon dioxide emissions to prevent excessive fertilization and the environment is polluted, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, and soil nutrients can be fully protected, to achieve the sustainable use of land. Soil moisture instruments by detecting soil moisture, about soil moisture conditions for reasonable use of water resources, reduce the waste of water resources.

The TOP instrument will continue to set production and research in one of the independent innovation, R & D production of efficient ecological agriculture instrument to help the green industry at home and abroad to establish a pollution-free agricultural base, the establishment of green food base, and actively serve the development of green agriculture at home and abroad.