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Congratulation for Top instrument to obtain the title of AAA Credit Enterprise

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The Top instrument is a company dedicated to of modern agriculture seeds, soil, plant physiology, fruit, plant protection, agricultural matter networking field detection equipment R & D, production and sale of the business, the company R & D and production of pesticide residues speed tester, soil moisture speedmeasuring instrument, temperature and humidity logger, soil nutrient speed measuring device, automatic pests forecasting lights, spores capture Miriam, pest survey insecticidal lamps over 150 kinds of agricultural equipment. Products designed with integrated information technology, intelligent control technology, information processing and storage technology, network communication technology, to really achieve the purpose of efficient data collection, provides the basis for agricultural information and modernization. A wide range of applications in the fields of agriculture, forestry, meteorology, water conservancy, environmental, agricultural testing and universal acclaim! Has formed a series of the most complete product, the highest degree of specialization, system software integration is the most abundant and has a number of independent intellectual property rights of agricultural research and development of special instruments and production base in the country.

Since its inception, the company has been in the rapid development of the state, operating capacity, rapid revenue growth, capital growth rate of fixed assets investment expansion rate is relatively stable. At the same time as the company is running to become stable, high-tech agricultural equipment on the market demand, the industry will have a bigger and better market prospects.

So far, there is not found in the company in other departments of industry and commerce, taxation, legal proceedings associated with bad records, and procurement supervisory and management at the provincial Department of Finance has not found any adverse disciplinary records of the Company, and ultimately determine the 2013 credit rating of AAA grade credit enterprise.