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Development of the rice industry

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The Eleventh quality Chinese rice Fair High Level Forum held in Huai'an December 10, 2012, vice chairman of the NPC Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association Yin Cheng Jie, president; Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Liu Xu; vice president of the China National Rice Research Institute rice Centre Zhu Feng De Director; Dr. Grant Robert Singleton, of the International Rice Research Institute; Shenyang Agricultural University, Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, Deputy Director, Associate Professor Ma Dian Rong; Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Food Processing Lu Shu Wen director six experts guests do a wonderful report. Huai'an Municipal Committee Lian Yue Qin; Huai'an Municipal People's Congress Li Bing, deputy director attended the forum.

High-Level Forum on the current quality Chinese rice Fair, "the development of the rice industry, to promote food security" as the theme, the status of open discussion of the various aspects of the features of the present stage of food production in China. Yin Cheng Jie, deputy director pointed out that China's grain production to achieve the second floor of 9 Lianzeng, but still facing the decline in agricultural efficiency, reduced the enthusiasm of farmers, of cultivated freshwater, human resources and factors of production such as declining issues. He pointed out that the strong agricultural regulation policy, strictly adhere to the farmland protection system, protection of freshwater resources, the implementation of the agricultural technology promotion, accelerate agricultural science and technology innovation, the necessary measures to protect our food security production. From rice resources to the management of rice production technology to the domestic and international situation and development of rice production, rice comprehensive development and utilization reports from the research and development of Northern Japonica. It can be said that this forum is a valuable learning opportunity for domestic and international rice research, production, development experts in the field of exchange, a feast, the rice industry practitioners.

Chen Yu Yang who is general manager of Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co., Ltd., the entire process to attend the forum. After the meeting, general manager of deep feelings. He said that although China is a large agricultural country, it can not be considered an agricultural power. Only by promoting advanced agricultural production technology, it can be achieved through science and technology. Zhejiang Top Instrument Co., Ltd. as a research-based agricultural equipment manufacturers, should advance with the times, blaze new trails, research and development of more practical agricultural instrument to promote the rapid development of modern agricultural technology, and fully cooperate with the construction of agricultural extension system.