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Top showed the plant protection new technology

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December 28, 2012, by the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, organized by the municipal government of Zhengzhou, the 28th China Plant Protection rendezvous in Zhengzhou was organized around the "scientific and technological innovation, modern plant protection" theme, attracted a large number of plant protection instrument manufacturers to participate. Zhejiang TOP Instrument Co., Ltd., participants took part in the form of a special exhibition. So far, TOP has started to participate in the fifth plant protection dual rendezvous, the first single from the product to the Today show clients a more professional and more comprehensive range of plant protection instrument.

Now, Top to increase investment in R & D and production of plant protection instrument, after years of meticulous planning, Top instrument formally enter the field of plant protection instrument in 2012, and the introduction of advanced technology, further committed to the development and promotion of plant protection products. TOP instrument professional R & D team's efforts as well as industry experts and professors, under the guidance of the TOP Plant Protection Division to break through the traditional model, developed a new automatic pests forecasting lights spores capture instrument, pest survey Frequency insect lights and other professional plant protection and quarantine instruments, and passed the CE certification, has applied to the State Intellectual Property Office filed a patent application was accepted, and that Top plant protection instrument will give the agricultural equipment industry to bring new weather.

TOP produced this series of plant protection equipment, and can be widely used in pest early warning project and the agricultural extension service system project, to meet the demand for these items, as well as the new and old customers. Currently, the the TOP instrument plant protection production base has pests forecasting production lines, spores capture Miriam production line, production line of pest survey insecticidal lamps production line. Where pests forecasting production line can produce automatically pests forecasting lights, automatic solar pests forecasting lights, AC and DC Auto pests forecasting light, the drug smoked pests forecasting lights, solar the drug smoked pests forecasting lights, spores capture Miriam production line can produce fixed spore-capture device, portable spores capture instrument, a vehicle spores capture instrument, insecticidal lamp production line can produce frequency Zhenshi insecticidal lamps, battery frequency Zhenshi insecticidal lamps, the pole solar killing lamp, cabinet solar insecticidal lights, etc., can be adapted to the different areas of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, gardening, herbs, urban greening, quarantine purposes.

Attend the plant protection dual rendezvous, Top plant protection instrument full debut, there has attracted a number of new and old customers stopped to watch, ask. Top instrument technicians will not only introduce the performance characteristics of the instrument itself to customers, but also it is a new type of technology to share to you, and more professionals want to be able to explore the research, they had to make a greater contribution to the development of agriculture, forestry, plant protection and even agriculture.