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The new opportunity of agricultural instrument development

The time of issue:2012-11-27 9:15:19 view number:

In 2012, the Central Document debut, the first full-scale deployment of agricultural science and technology, which indicates that the domestic agricultural instrument will occupy an important position in the cropping system applications.

In the past few years, China's agricultural intensification, the contribution rate of science and technology to agricultural production and low agricultural scientific and technological achievements to promote the institutions are not perfect, agricultural extension staff shortages, economic, scientific and technological support agricultural production conditions are obviously insufficient. The agricultural equipment market in China is the monopoly of high-end equipment and imported products; domestic equipment is relatively backward and disadvantaged.

After recent years of policies to promote, the state authorities to increase the importance of agricultural science and technology, to increase the financial investment, provinces and cities at the county level agricultural departments supporting the project on the agenda, the county municipal agricultural, agricultural and vocational colleges project have been started, and new opportunities for the development of domestic agricultural instruments.

Top instrument keep up the pace of construction of the National Agricultural and seize the opportunity to perfect the basic products, technical innovation and development of high-end products, and the launch of the project, the layout, rich series portfolio, enhance product features, in conjunction with the functional departments The planning and design, to guide industry segments instrument trends.

Dealers will meet held in Top instrument, the the Stoop instrument Chen, general manager, general manager talked about, Top has been committed to the development of China's agricultural instruments, with the Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang University, China Institute of Metrology, cooperation, and the implementation of production the Gakken combined path of development, R & D and production seed, soil, plant physiology, fruit, foodstuff, agricultural environment, agriculture field portable, fast, smart modern agriculture instrument and physical networking integration system. And, so far, Top instrument in the number of research projects and levels within the industry leading R & D product variety and quantity of the same industry-leading, independent research and development capacity of peer leader the agricultural instrument sensor with the industry's most abundant! These can be provided for agricultural projects complete equipment and strong technical support.

Top instrument as a leader in the agricultural equipment industry, it will also be with the dealer friends to further consolidate partnership to seize the current projects, increase investment, to discuss regional markets innovative marketing programs, open authorized dealers further cooperation development equipment to achieve a win-win situation.