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Intimate contact businesses and products

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Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the country attaches great importance to agricultural work, accelerating traditional agriculture to modern agriculture transformation efforts to adjust and optimize the structure of agriculture, the development of the agricultural equipment industry will also play an important role in the construction of modern agricultural.

Pictured: Technician for the dealer to explain the product performance and operating methods

Today, China have to start agricultural projects, agricultural equipment manufacturers efforts to research and development and production of new products, the dealers more urgent need to understand the product knowledge. The dealer will meet on the occasion of the the occasion of Torp instrument held Torp instrument dealer friend Corporation organized product training courses. The TOP instrument strive through effective and healthy training mechanism, improve the market competitiveness of the TOP instrument, better service to end customers, go hand in hand with the general strength of the partners, the greater achievements of the future.

Pictured: Technician for the dealer to explain internet of things systems

The products of the training involves the agricultural meteorological instruments, soil instruments, seed test instrument class, Plant Physiology instrument class, the crop quality instrument class, the fruit quality instrument class, plant protection equipment categories as well as agricultural matter networked systems, and explain the principle kind of operation, computer presentation dealer friend details of various products. During the training, technicians also product sales process difficult problems with a dealer friend were discussed in detail, dealer friends not only learning product knowledge, and also provide a lot of suggestions about improved product performance.

Pictured: Computer presentations for dealers by Top technician

Dealer meeting will be a good opportunity, Top and dealers have sincere sharing, open communication, the product training concluded in a friendly atmosphere. Dealers guests agreed that the benefit from this trip, they have said that virtue the TOP instrument powerful brand influence, as well as the Top's product advantages, combined with the improvement of their own strength, and an enthusiastic attitude, professional knowledge to provide customer service, will be able to record better sales.