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November 17, to meet the the TOP instrument 2012 annual national elite dealer Haiwaihai International Hotel held as scheduled, in order to allow more in-depth understanding of the TOP dealers guests into the Stoop, specially arranged for two hours Stoop instrument company and production base to visit.

General manager, director of marketing, the regional manager accompanied Stoop narrator to explain, has focused museum Experiment Center, the research and development center at the Stoop fourth floor of the building, the third floor samples exhibition room; second floor, the first floor production workshop. Finally, a visit to the TOP instrument mainland production base. Many dealers said that the cooperation with TOP has been for many years, but some of the products have not seen the kind, this is a rare opportunity, a deeper understanding of the TOP products from R & D, production, quality monitoring to the entire process of sales.

Day of visit, the fourth floor laboratory display a range of products, covering soil, agricultural meteorology, plant physiology, crop quality, fruit quality and seed testing equipment. Sample room on the third floor are placed in the the afternoon sales manager in the report focuses on two types of products - plant protection instruments and agriculture of Things, also by dealers guests love. Visit the site, technical staff demonstrated operation of Agriculture of Things systems, the screen displays the temperature, humidity and other environmental data. Dealer guests who have only used on this operation will be able to observe the growth of crops in the indoor, unlimited control of automatic irrigation, automatic cooling Things technology for automatic the fertilization spraying the cast curious eyes. Agricultural Things technology personnel: now more and more of agriculture of Things applications in the field of agriculture, aquaculture, animal husbandry, it is the inevitable direction of future development of agriculture, is the national advocate the inevitable trend of intelligent agricultural . Under the leadership of the staff, also visited the company greenhouses - Things technology display area, the technical staff for a detailed explanation of its acquisition systems, wireless transmission systems, intelligent control systems, and video surveillance systems, dealer guests confidence in the prospects for the development of the agriculture of Things.

A visit to the production workshop, focusing visited agrometeorological production line, the production line of the soil moisture, soil nutrient production line, the production line of the pesticide residues, crop protection pests forecasting lamp production line, spore capture instrument production lines. Above products is also a grassroots agricultural extension system must instrument pests forecasting lights, insecticidal lamps, spore capture instrument also wild shows and applications, Torp instrument will continue according to the practical application of self-innovation, aimed in research and development to produce better quality crop protection products. Explain highlight the the Stoop instrument production processes and quality control processes. Instrument industry status, Torp instrument strict implementation of the planned production, mass production, production staff operate strictly in accordance with the appropriate standard of Production in the production process and quality control in the entire production process in strict accordance with the principle of "three inspection", including quality control of raw materials, production line quality control, finished product inspection and control, and our convention week to convene the product quality, to ensure product quality.