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National Seed leading experts to visit Top

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In mid-October 2012, the National Seed molecular detection technologies and applications seminar held in Hangzhou. The afternoon of October 16, in Top instrument Yuyang Chan, general manager of the accompanied, Tang Kwong Alliance, National Agricultural Center, deputy director, chief expert of the National Agricultural Technology Center Liang Zhijie, Director of the National Agricultural Center supported giant vibration, the Ministry of Agriculture seed Authority Zhang Dongxiao Vice Director of Zhejiang seed terminus Zhao Weiming, deputy chief, and more than 60 national seed management inspection leading experts to come to the TOP instrument visit the guidance.




General manager, director of marketing, production vice president, a pedestrian warmly received the visiting expert leadership, and experts leading a seminar was held. During the meeting, the company vice president, details the company's current business situation and future development plans. Branch giant vibration Director said in a speech at the meeting: TOP instrument is an agricultural inspection equipment to do a good a business, in recent years, the fast development of the R & D team is also more powerful, and testing departments around and Top instruments and more communication, more exchanges, and Hou Tuopu instrument able to provide better services for the National Seed Management Inspection Station.




Subsequently, each leading experts in the company general manager, deputy general manager, production director, director of marketing, accompanied by first visited the test equipment lab is located in the TOP instrument Building, seeds, Top instrument staff home and Top instrument R & D center. Seed testing equipment laboratory stocked with seed purity instrument, Clarity instruments, water equipment, storage equipment, grain weight equipment, sampling instruments, and the balance instrument range of seed testing equipment, including incubators, seed pulverizer single grain, PCR dozens of instruments, instrument, electrophoresis apparatus testing equipment in accordance with the functional division of labor, reasonable layout, can provide a full range of services for conventional seed testing and molecular detection.




President Chen introduced to the introduction of the R & D center: "From its inception, the company realized that to have their own R & D team and core technology enterprises conduct of this annual R & D spending will continue to improve gradually expand the R & D team. Now the total number of R & D center Seed Fund of more than 40 people, accounting for 20% of the company's total number of 2011, Top instrument R & D Center formally by the Science and Technology Bureau of Hangzhou certified as a high-tech research and development center, and bear the pesticide residues in the rapid detection of body and to the agricultural environment monitor as the main product R & D projects. past few years, the R & D department also undertakes two national Spark Program, a National Innovation Fund 2012, Top instrument was identified as a 'national high-tech enterprises', which is the prop obtained by the general R & D center is another important for sure! "




Then, the focus of leadership experts visited the exhibition rooms of the TOP instrument samples, production workshop. Exhibition room in the sample, President Chen focuses on agriculture of Things intelligent environmental monitoring and automatic control system. This system is mainly composed of the information collection system, wireless transmission systems, video surveillance systems, automatic control systems, software platform, comprehensive intelligent manipulation of the greenhouses can greatly reduce labor intensity, increase crop yields, the system is widely used in the National Science and Technology Park, agricultural parks, farms and other areas. Agricultural Center, chief expert Liang Zhijie experts and other leading experts have expressed appreciation for this initiative Top instrument.



Production director in a visit to the production plant: the production workshop is located on the first floor and the second floor by function for more than one area, mass production mode being taken in order to ensure the quality of products, each production line are configured with the appropriate quality personnel tracking. production personnel in the production process in strict accordance with the appropriate standard of Production operate in strict accordance with the principle of "three inspection", Top people deeply aware of quality is the lifeline, on the second floor in addition to production workshop quality department, responsible for quality control and testing of the product quality from raw materials to the production process and the final product testing has played a crucial role. "



Visit Top instrument, deputy director Guanglian Deng supported giant vibration Director and others expressed appreciation for the achievements made by the TOP, and encouraged the company to continue to strengthen seed seed testing equipment R & D and innovation, to enhance detection level continued contributions.