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Advantages and disadvantages about soil tensiometer

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Soil water potential under isothermal conditions extracted from the soil per unit of water needed energy bar (bar 1bar=100kPa) saturated soil moisture, water potential is zero; moisture content less than saturation, water potential negativesoil the more arid, the greater the negative, during the measurement of soil water potential when you can use a few significant tension meter to be measured.

Soil tensiometer positioning the detection and observation of soil water potential in the field, which can further obtain soil moisture, hydraulic conductivity and soil water conservancy nature parameters. Soil tensiometer has high accuracy and resolution can simultaneously measure soil water potential and temperature, a machine with two to reduce the purchase of instruments to measure soil temperature. When using the instrument easy to operate, easy to carry, flexible in use, can only purchase a set of instruments, more than one probe. Measurement process automatically grab the soil water potential peak. Time-setting function, the full-scale setting function, auto-save feature. Temperature, water potential, time, storage numbers can be recorded at the same time, with backlight function, convenient back to look after our measurements also can view multiple measurements to understand the process of change of the soil water potential. Auto power off function. After 10 minutes in the case of operation display button, the monitor automatically shut down to reduce the loss of power.

Soil tensiometer is used to probe the way in the process of measuring water potential, the only drawback is: will crop more with little damage, but as long as the measurement when the party is to choose the right can undermine the extent minimized. It is an ideal instrument measuring soil water potential.