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Principle and use of hand-held digital refractometer

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As we all know, the light refraction occurs when light from one medium into another medium. The ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence i and angle of refraction r is a fixed value, the relative refractive index of light in both media, using the formula: n = sini / sinr. Refractive index also known as refractive index, in fact, is the same reason. In the agricultural sector, often to determination of sugar content of fruits and vegetables, because the soluble solids content in fruit and vegetable juice medium with the refractive index is proportional to the under certain conditions, it measured the refractive index of the fruit and vegetable juices solution, you can get the fruit and vegetable juice concentration of the solution, namely sugar content of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, hand-held digital refractometer is in fact the use of the principle of light refraction, for fruits and vegetables sugar content determination.

Hand-held digital refractometer principle is very simple now, the market has been a lot of hand-held digital refractometer, including the different manufacturers, different models, such as hand-held digital refractometer, WZ series handheld digital refractometer, GMK-706R sugar acidity tester and so on. Different types of digital refractometer can measure the sugar content range. Handheld digital refractometer is now widely used in industry, agriculture, sugar, machinery, chemical and other industries to understand the quality of fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables sugar content determination, and, it is estimated that the maturity of the fruit.
Hand-held digital refractometer to use:

Open the lid carefully with a soft cloth to wipe the detection prism. Take a few drops of test solution, placed on the detection prism, gently close the lid, to avoid air bubbles, the solution around the prism surface. The instrument into the light board at the light or bright place, the eye field of view through the eyepiece, turn the eyepiece to adjust the hand wheel, clear field of view of the blue and white dividing line. The dividing line between the scale value is the concentration of the solution.

Note correction and temperature correction

The instrument needs to be calibrated before the measurement zero. Take a few drops of distilled water on the detection prism, twist the zero adjustment screw, so that the dividing line transferred to a scale of 0% position. Then wipe the detection prism, were detected. Some models need to configure the instrument calibration standard solution instead of distilled water. Another method is the (only suitable for the determination of sugar content): the use of temperature correction table, the value was read at ambient temperature plus (or minus) the temperature correction value to obtain accurate values.
Digital refractometer classification:

Today, with the development of science and technology, equipment and more intelligent. Brix is also ever-changing. Digital refractometer exists on the market there are the following: hand-held digital refractometer, the number of digital refractometer, fruit sugar content of non-destructive detector. Fruit sugar content of non-destructive detector Zhejiang Top newly developed application of near infrared spectroscopy to non-destructive the determination of fruit and sugar content of the instrument. It has not need to cut the fruit, to direct the probe is placed on the surface of fruits, 3 seconds of the advantages of the test results. Digital refractometer, but also represents the development of modern scientific instruments, scientific instruments, has become increasingly subject to various departments, units or even the concern of all walks of life, because since KFC's Sudan Red, Sanlu melamine, to the nearest Nongfushangquan arsenic door events, one after another injection of meat, poison dumplings, clenbuterol food quality events, daily food has less and less confidence, more and more frightened. How to improve the quality of our food, will be all over the world, all mankind to explore the issue. We look forward to more and more green food available in order to protect our lives and health.