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Determination of the magnetic metal detector of magnetic metals content in the flour

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Grain processed into a variety of powder finished the process of raw materials clean-up without a net, or due to mechanical wear and other reasons, resulting in finished mixed with magnetic impurities of the metal objects, these tiny metal impurities with the food ingested, will cause harm to humans,affect their health, national standards have a strictly limited (to allow less than 0.003g/kg); one of the important indicator of the level of magnetic metals content, but also assessment of powder production process. The determination of the first magnetic metal content were measured using a magnet but this determination in the measurement process has two disadvantages: The amount of flour is more difficult to operate; the quantitative difficult to accurate, but now is a magnetic metal detector to make the determination on avoid the above shortcomings, and be able to do a quick, easy, and security advantages. Here's a look at the instructions for use of the magnetic metals analyzer:

Open the power of the magnetic metal detector, the sample into the analyzer Sheng powder bucket through the magnetic switch is pressed, adjust the flow control panel button, the control sample flow 250g/min about the sample uniform by the mobility model into the reservoir powder box. Until the sample stream after wash the ear with the ball will be blown into the reservoir powder box, and then left in the mobility model on the sample with a clean white paper then measured magnetic metal instrument mobility model below to shut down through the magnetic switch immediately hair brush net adsorption of magnetic metals on the mobility model, collected and placed on white paper.

Will collect magnetic metals and residual sample mixture of paper prepared good separation board, hand-pulled both ends of the paper, and move around along the before and after the separation plate is full contact of the magnetic metals, and the separation plate and concentrated in a, and then use the ear cleaning ball gently blowing disposable paper residue test, and finally magnetic metals remain in the paper collection to be weighed to the weighing paper. Repeated weighing after separation of style during the calculation.

Magnetic metals analyzer to the determination of magnetic metals in the flour be able to accurately measure the magnetic metals content, help us save a lot of time, to improve economic efficiency.