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Whiteness Mter Maintenance,Preservation And Purification

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Many items should be carried out were the measurement of whiteness a very important role in life, whiteness is an important sensory quality standard for the whiteness of the requirements in the purchase of many goods can still be pricey, such as flour, paper and other items. Whiteness in the production process to detect not only these projects, as well as starch, rice flour, salt, textiles, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, plastic, clay, talc, white cement, paint, paint, ceramic, enamel, paper, pulp these are inseparable from the detection of whiteness, whiteness determination can use the visual method and the whiteness meter to the determination of the visual method has great limitations in the determination process in order to reduce measurement error, the whiteness instrument to be determined by the whiteness of the items most, this monitoring methods to ensure that the measurement results, the measurement time will be relatively rapid, before the whiteness meter to be calibrated in accordance with the following methods, at the same time regular maintenance.

During the first determination before the whiteness meter JJG512-2002, using the test of whiteness meter standard series of standard white plate dialogue meter of this machine to normal test. Working standard whiteboard for enterprise use by certified instrument re-calibration, repeated many times the mean value is marked as the whiteness of the working standard whiteboard in the working standard whiteboard, and tell the operator standard whiteboard must be regularly calibrated, such as abnormal whiteness value, and should promptly contact the verification department. Instrument random standard whiteboard should be at least an annual inspection 1.

In the course of the maintenance and the use of the whiteboard is an important and safe cleaning and storage can extend the life of the whiteboard, and saved when you want to whiteboard should be stored in a desiccator, such as cleaning , whether using water or ethanol, after cleaning are to be placed on the appeal after oven use.