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High Accuracy Automatic Seed Counter

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High Accuracy Automatic Seed Counter

Seed Testing Instrument

Automatic Seed Counter With High Accuracy

Model:SLY-D/ SLY-E

  • Specifications

SLY-D/SLY-E  Automatic Seed Counter With High Accuracy

Brief Introduction:

Top Cloud-agri’s Automatic Seed Counter, also can be called Tablet Counter, it is used to fill bottles or other packaging with the correct number of pills, tablets, capsules or soft gels, dentures,pearls, and different kinds of seeds. Beauty in design and high accuracy in counting.


  • Adjustable counting speed.
  • Sensitivity adjustable, make the results more accuracy.
  • Two modes for choosing: unlimited counting, and counting stop.
  • Auto save your previous counting.
  • Shortcut menu operation.
  • 4G SD card including.
  • Weighting function included.
  • LCD display; light touch key.
  • Suitable for measuring round and long, small and big seeds.
  • Direct read data on screen, such as current seeds counter number, counting mode, sensitivity, weight and counting time etc.

Technical parameters:

  • Counting range: L*W less than 12*4mm (small seeds) /L*W less than 12*10mm (big seeds)
  • Counting accuracy: 5/1000 for small seeds, 3/1000 for big seeds
  • Counting speed: 1000pcs/3m
  • Counting capacity: 1-99999 (read through LCD)
  • Preset self stop: any value within 1-99999
  • Weighing range: 0-1000g
  • Size: 450mm*300mm*320mm
  • Power supply: AC220±20V~ 50Hz
  • Watt: <60w
  • Continuous working time: ≥5h

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