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Big event! BASF forms partnerships with Longping Hi-Tech and Quanyin Hi-Tech

» News » Big event! BASF forms partnerships with Longping Hi-Tech and Quanyin Hi-Tech

Big event! BASF forms partnerships with Longping Hi-Tech and Quanyin Hi-Tech


BASF cooperates with two major seed industry giants to use non-GMO technology to develop a new rice system suitable for the Chinese market;

This is the first cooperation agreement to achieve seed trait innovation for Chinese agriculture;

The partnership will enhance the innovation capabilities and leading positions of BASF and the two major seed industry giants.

On June 30, BASF officially announced that the company has officially signed cooperation agreements with Longping High-tech and Quanyin High-tech to jointly develop a new non-GMO rice system suitable for the Chinese market to help Chinese growers increase agricultural productivity.

“This cooperation, which is based on mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, will strengthen the leading position of both parties in their respective fields.” Ma Dehua, vice president of Longping Hi-Tech, said, “Longping High-tech is a leading hybrid rice breeding company in the world, and BASF has always been driving innovation Development, we are very happy to cooperate with BASF, which will further help Chinese rice growers to obtain a good return of increased production and income.”

Jiang Sanqiao, deputy general manager of Quanyin Hi-Tech, commented: “We hope to combine the company’s expertise in seed and breeding with BASF’s technology in the field of crop protection to provide Chinese rice growers with more valuable new tools to help them improve productivity. Judging from the progress made in the cooperation over the past year, this will be an initiative that excites the entire industry.”

China is the leading rice producer and one of the largest markets for the application of agricultural technology in the world. More and more growers are trying to apply advanced technologies to increase productivity and enhance the sustainability of planting. Wang Xiang, Head of Greater China, BASF Agricultural Solutions, said: “BASF is committed to bringing more innovative technologies to meet the needs of their customized applications for Chinese rice growers. BASF’s new agricultural strategy will focus on Asian rice growers. This collaboration is another example of BASF’s implementation of this strategy.”

It is said that BASF Group, Longping Hi-Tech, and Quanyin Hi-Tech are all leaders in investment in agriculture. Every year, the BASF Group invests nearly 900 million euros in agricultural technology research and development, accounting for more than 11% of its total agricultural business revenue, and is committed to achieving the goal of increasing market share in Asia, especially China.

Dr. Ma Dehua said: “Promoting the progress of the seed industry and benefiting the people of the world is the mission of Longping High-tech. We have fully utilized the core advantage of R&D and innovation in the past years, and brought a large number of high-quality varieties and technical services to rice growers. In the future, science and technology will continue to promote agricultural development, and Longping Hi-Tech will work with partners to further share resources and jointly develop new technologies, with a view to better benefiting and benefiting farmers.”

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