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AI Image Identification:Intelligent Insect Test Lamp

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AI Image Identification:Intelligent Insect Test Lamp


Recently  years ,The CPC central committee and the state council attach great importance to the construction of agricultural informatization, actively promote the integration of agriculture, agriculture, and industry, and encourage the application of new and high technologies in agriculture, because technology can bring great application value and economic benefits to agriculture.As one of the promising new technologies, AI is of great practical value in the prevention and control of insect infestation.

The application of agricultural industrialization is one of the development directions of artificial intelligence. As an emerging sunrise industry, agriculture urgently needs the injection of high and new technology to empower its industry. At the same time, as a basic industry of the country, agriculture can provide a variety of application scenarios for artificial intelligence.

Since the outbreak of insects in Southeast Asia, the relevant research team has begun to set up high-altitude test lights in Yunnan to conduct spot surveys and report the insects in time. After the first detection of the insects, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also invited experts to discuss the output control plan to guide the grassroots. Timely adoption of appropriate prevention and control measures will enable the effectiveness of early prevention, early detection, early warning and early prevention.

Top Cloud-agri’s insect detection lamp relies on AI image recognition technology to play a huge value in it: through the deep learning algorithm, let the machine master the insect recognition and counting skills, can test the insect situation, replace the machine with a machine 24 hours “station” to improve the efficiency and accuracy of plant protection monitoring, thus helping the plant protection department to timely deploy pest control, reduce crop losses and protect food production safety.

It is believed that with the deep integration of AI and 5G, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, as well as the maturity of the manufacturing process of China’s industrial system, Top Cloud-agri’s wisdom of agricultural technology will gradually step out of the laboratory and be radiated by the pilot model. For large-scale applications, these applications will be highly intelligent, refined, and automated. In order to realize this vision, the Top Cloud-agri Institute of Wisdom Agriculture will continue to exert its strength in AI and big data to develop a broader land for smart agriculture.


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